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Your vaccine status belongs to you, we just help you use it

EmergePass is the COVID vaccine confirmation tool that lets you prove your vaccination status and use it to visit your favorite music halls, gyms and restaurants.

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EmergePass supports any event type

Have an opinion on where you'd like to see EmergePass used? Use the buttons below to sign up your business or nominate a venue.

4. Customize and use your badge

Log in to view your EmergePass badge and use it for check in

Event Type
Sign up is easy

Follow the below steps to sign up

1. Create a secure account

Provide your email and create a password to secure your data

2. Upload your data in our secure portal

Upload your basic information, CDC Vaccine Card and Government ID

3. Get your badge

Receive an email or SMS message when your vaccination is confirmed

4. Customize and use your badge

Log in to view your EmergePass badge and use it for check in

Easy Sign Up
Who Pays
Free for users

We designed our fee structure to create a win for users, venues & ourselves

Users never pay to create or use their badge

Widespread use helps people reconnect with their friends and family fastest

Businesses are only charged to validate their committed guests

Knowing who is vaccinated before the event lets venues plan for appropriate safety measure before the event

We deliver end-to-end venue support

EmergePass integrates into your existing processes so you can get back to work quickly

Before the event:

  • We use the guest list to contact guests to confirm vaccination information

  • We provide reporting through "day of" to keep you updated on the number of vaccinated guests

  • We offer customer support to help any guests sign up for and access their badge

During the event:

  • We customize the EmergePass badge to be compliant with your check-in & compliance procedures

After the event:

  • We maintain vaccine records of guests for compliance purposes

  • We support contact tracing for guests registered on our product

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